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Links of Interest

Printables offers thousands of printable documents & templates; beautiful printable files that you can customize and print on your inkjet or laser printer. There are 100 sites in the Free Printable network. Here’s what is being downloaded the most across ALL the sites:

  • As is often the case, paper and calendars dominate the Top 20. The 2018 calendars for the entire year and individual months are downloaded a lot. Interestingly, the 2017 calendars are still holding strong.
  • Lined paper (wide and college rule) from is very popular, as are check registers and budgets from that site.
  • The Top 20 also includes the master grocery list, basic fax cover sheets, and a checklist to do list.
  • Popular medical forms include a health information release form and a medication log. A payment receipt is also popular.
  • Family trees for up to five generations are also downloaded a lot, both with and without illustrations.
To see which printables are most popular at all the sites combined by day, week, or month, just


Aurora Forecast: From the Geophysical Institute, University of Alaska Fairbanks

NWS Forecast Office La Crosse, WI: Check your local weather!

Health & Wellness

Genetics Home Reference  Consumer-friendly information about the effects of genetic variations on human health.

KHS Panther

KHS Pool & Weight Room Schedule

onehundred125x125 Hundred Pushups

two hundred lunges          one fifty dips          two hundred sit-ups          twenty five pull-ups

Free Rice Play Free Rice!

Traveling or camping Wisconsin this summer? Check out  Wisconsin DOT 511 travel information for roadwork, closures, incidents, travel times and more!

Or try the Wisconsin Travel Services page which includes a host of information:

  • Modes of Travel (Air, Bike, Ped, Public Transit, Rail, Road, Truck, Water)
  • Travel Assistance, Information & Services
  • Construction, Safety & Emergency Information
  • Major Events and Tourism
  • Out of State DOT’s & Neighboring 511 Websites

Interstate travel in the near future? Check out travel information from these surrounding states:

 Iowa – Illinois – Minnesota – Michigan/UP

DMV Written Test. Free sample Wisconsin DMV written tests.


Going camping next summer? Have pets? Or had a run-in yourself with a skunk? Try this recipe (because tomato juice does NOT work)… De-skunking Pets


Check out the Wisconsin DNR Fishing Report for area lake, river and stream updates.


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February 2019
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