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Summer Snack Packs!

Students of the Kickapoo School District can pick up snack packs at the

Viola Public Library, 137 S Main St, & the Readstown Public Library, 129 Wisconsin Ave,

from 2 pm-4 pm on the following days:

Tuesdays:  July 31, August 7, 14, 21, 28                          Fridays:  August 3, 10, 17, 24, 31


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Ideal Heroes: Mental Illness in Brandon Sanderson’s Stormlight Archive

Sanderson beta readers Paige Vest and Ross Newberry discuss the struggles of The Stormlight Archive’s heroes in terms of mental health issues like depression and PTSD—and talk about how these characters have inspired more than one “broken” person to keep up their own fight.

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What “The Ship of Theseus” Problem Reveals About Science Fiction

Corey White explores how an ancient thought experiment about identity complicates and deepens aspects of our favorite science fiction stories and technologies, from the world of Mad Max to the Star Wars movies, Altered Carbon, and more.

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Why Editors Matter: David Hartwell’s Extraordinary Timescape Books

For James David Nicoll, David Hartwell was an editor worth following from project to project and publisher to publisher, and the books published under Hartwell’s Timescape imprint in the early 1980s are a testament to his remarkable talent for finding and fostering the best of science fiction and fantasy.

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Space Dads for America: Armageddon

Think Michael Bay’s Armageddon is a glorified montage of a movie too shallow to support real, in-depth analysis? Well, buckle up as Sarah Gailey drills down (ahem) into this dubious celebration of patriarchal posturing and the American military-industrial complex.

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Five Books About Magical Apocalypses

In our modern age, sometimes it seems like the only thing that might be able to bring this reality to a standstill would have to be something completely out of the ordinary—magic. Author Peng Shepherd picks her five favorite novels wherein the end of the world is brought about not by science or war or plague, but by the fantastic…

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How Solo Makes Sense of Han’s Entire Character Arc

The core of Solo is actually quite simple: It’s about a kid who once made the terrible mistake of leaving behind a person that he cared about. Emily Asher-Perrin analyzes how the movie goes a long way toward explaining Han’s future actions in A New Hope and beyond.

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The Silmarillion Primer Presents the Epic Tale of Lúthien and Beren (and Huan, the Best Dog in the World!)

This week we reach the end of an epic two-part discussion of the tale of the mortal Beren and Lúthien the Elfmaid: one of the most romantic, harrowing, and action-packed stories in all of Tolkien! (Also starring Finrod Felagund, Sauron, and everyone’s favorite wolfhound, Huan. We love Huan.)

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Ten Years Later, There’s Still Nothing Like Tarsem Singh’s The Fall

“But a story needs two things: a teller, and a listener. You know this.” Molly Templeton looks back at The Fall, director Tarsem Singh’s brilliant, breathtaking movie about storytelling, and how shared stories can define, change, and maybe even save us.

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Meat and Salt and Sparks by Rich Larson

A futuristic murder mystery about detective partners—a human and an enhanced chimpanzee—who are investigating why a woman murdered an apparently random stranger on the subway.

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Visible Proofs: Introduction to forensic medicine: Its anthropology, technology, & history.

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ToxMystery: Explore hazards in the home with Toxie the Cat.

Against the Odds: Making a Difference in Global Health  Games & instructional resources for middle- and high-school students and educators.

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