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Something new at the library… Silent Auction!

Each month we will feature a new package to be bid on. This month’s package is a Cabin Fever Reliever. It is a basket filled with all sorts of things to get you through the cold winter months… a book (of course), a fleece blanket, specialty hot chocolate, coffee mugs, a movie, BOOMCHICKAPOP, a decorative wood sign, and chocolate!

Bidding starts Jan. 15 and will run through Jan. 31. Bidders can stop by the library to place a bid, or bid on the library’s Facebook page. The winning bidder will be announced on the next open day after the auction ends, which will be Tuesday, Feb. 1.

Email:           Facebook:


Proceeds will go toward future programming.

Gale Courses_Banners

This Gale Courses subscription lasts through May 2022 and is funded through a CARES Act grant.

If you like it, let us know!

Gale Courses are 6-week online courses.  Users need to set up an account to participate, and use your SWLS library card number to get free access.  The courses are asynchronous, so there are no set times that a patron has to sign in to be part of a class.  Lectures are recorded.  Course materials do progress over the 6 weeks, though, so working through lessons on a roughly weekly basis is generally what would be advised.  For some courses, certificates of completion are provided if the patron receives a sufficient grade (some of these could count toward CE hours, in case of interest); other courses have no grades or certificates.

The library is open for in-person patron services.

Also currently available:

Curbside services

Computer use

Wi-Fi 24/7/365 in the parking lot

Please call 627-1850 to schedule a curbside service. Thank you.

Library Open Hours:

Tue/Thu:  9:30-12:30 pm & 1:00-5:00 pm 

Wed/Fri:  2:00-7:00 pm   –   Sat:  9:30-12:30 pm

If you are in need of a quick read, a variety of materials are available in the Sharing Library by the Community Building.

Weather permitting, the sales/donation cart out is out in front of the library. Please use the contactless curbside procedures when visiting. Use is at your own risk, please try not to handle items you don’t wish to take.

Computer Use

  • Call for appointment during library hours or use Wi-Fi, available 24/7/365 in the parking lot.
  • Use is at your own risk. Masks ARE mandatory. If you are unable or unwilling to wear a mask, you are welcome to use our other curbside contactless services.
  • Sanitize hands before use. Staff computer assistance will not be available.

NOTE:  If you have a fever or don’t feel well, do not come to the library to pick up your materials or use the computer. Contact the library at 608.627.1850 to let us know you can’t make your pick-up.

Viola Public Library’s Contactless Curbside Materials Pickup Service

The library offers curbside pickup of materials. Library staff follow social distancing and sanitizing rules in the library. We thank you for your patience.

  • Place requests by telephone (608.627.1850), through the online catalog (see below) or email
  • We are receiving delivery from other libraries. Search the online catalog for your items at:
  • To only see Viola library materials: Your Account; Your Preferences; Default Scoping Level; Change to “Viola Materials”; Save. Change the settings back for interlibrary loan use.
  • Five (5) items may be held at a time. If more are requested, the first five (5) items will be picked for you. Books, magazines, DVDs/VHS & audiobooks may be requested.
  • No patron/library staff face to face interaction. There is a limited number of curbside pick-ups daily. Plan for a day or two for staff to get back to you and a day to collect your items and ready them for pickup.

Scheduling Pick-ups:

Call the Viola Library at 608.627.1850 to schedule your pick-up. Pickup times can be scheduled for: Tues/Thur 9:30-12:30 & 1:00-5:00 and Wed/Fri, 2:00-7:00 pm; Sat 9:30-12:30.

Pickup Info:

When requests are ready for pick up, they will be available at the front door curbside station for contactless pickup.

If you miss your scheduled pick up time, call by the end of the next day to make alternate arrangements. If staff does not hear from you by then, the items will be removed from your account and you will need to re-request those holds.

If you no longer need your requested items, please let us know asap to have them removed from your account.

Viola Public Library’s Contactless Curbside Copy & Print Service

The library offers curbside pickup for your printing and copying needs.

  • Please deposit payments or donations for copies/printouts in the book drop.
  • If you need copies from physical pages, deliver them in the book drop; they will be quarantined 24 hours before staff handles them. Please include contact information and payment with them.
  • Schedule your pick-ups using the curbside materials pickup procedures.

Procedures for picking up your materials:

  • When you arrive, remain in your car until it is your time slot and no other patrons are picking up their materials.
  • At time of pick up, items will be placed on the chair outside the library. If there is inclement weather, the pick-up location will be moved next to the entrance wall. Please call before arriving if weather conditions are questionable.
  • Proceed directly to the chair, pick up your items and return to your vehicle or move away from the building.  Do not go through your items in the pick-up area.
  • No loitering or congregating by the pickup station.

 Book & DVD drops are available to return items.  Similar procedures apply:

  • Stay in your car and do not approach the return drop if another patron is returning items.
  • Place items inside the appropriate drop and move away if others are waiting. Remember others touch the drop handles, take precautions and sanitize.
  • All library materials will be quarantined for a minimum of 24 hours prior to being checked in.
  • Use the inside & outside drop boxes for your returns. Do not leave returns in the pick-up area. Staff will not accept in-person returns. Thank you for helping keep everyone healthy!

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